North Somerset: a place where the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector is the forefront of positive social change and development.


Our mission is to represent, develop and empower the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector in North Somerset to be at the forefront of positive social change and development.


Our recent annual report will give you a taste of the work we have been doing in the area.  Our latest annual report and our financial statements are available to download by clicking on either of the images here:

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The principal values which VANS adheres are:


  • Volunteer Focussed – we recognise the value and promote the development of volunteering within local communities;

  • Flexible – responding to the needs of the users of our services and the strategic environment in which we operate;

  • Collaborative – we recognise the value of working in partnership with other agencies as a means of improving the value and efficiency of essential services to local communities;

  • Equalities Based – we endeavour to be accessible, non-discriminatory, fair, inclusive, respectful and non-judgemental;

  • Independent – pride and value in our status as an independent organisation which will provide impartial services and advocacy for local Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) groups;

  • Trustworthy and Transparent– recognising that to develop and maintain long term mutually beneficial relationships, our service users and funders need to trust that we will adhere to our values and agreements with openness and integrity;

  • Professional and Quality Centred – we are committed to high quality service provision believing that customers and agencies who procure our services deserve our best endeavour;

  • Effective – we measure what we do robustly so that we can be sure that our actions are achieving the outcomes expected of us and have a positive impact the communities around us;

  • Passionate – in our beliefs about social justice, empowerment of groups and individuals and the potential of people to improve their communities and lives.

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