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Local Enterprise Partnership
Health and Wellbeing

The LEPs nationally are new groups of business leaders and council representatives who have been tasked by the government to make growth and employment happen in the regions.  Locally, our LEP works across the West of England in North Somerset, Bristol, Bath and North East Somerset, and South Gloucestershire.


The West of England LEP has a vision to: Support Growth, Drive Innovation, Develop People, Create a Sense of place, and Promote Business. It is bringing together a number of strategic plans to do this. It has plans to tackle issues such as Social Inclusion, Employability, Skills, and other issues that historically have been initiatives driven by the VCSE sector.  As a VCSE sector organisation, you could help the LEP to achieve its goals by becoming part of a joined-up approach.


In addition, the LEP will be managing funds such as the EU Social Fund or the EU Rural Development Fund, in addition to others.  Our annual survey told us that North Somerset VCSE sector organisations have not had these funds before, indicating an opportunity here to ensure local VCSE providers are able to deliver services for the LEP’s strategic plans. VANS is working to demonstrate how the sector's expertise in Social Inclusion, Employability and Skills in particular could have a real impact on making their aims happen. 


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Volunteering in Children's Centres

Volunteers are an integral part of the service provided to the community by the fourteen children’s centres across North Somerset.


Volunteers help in a wide variety of activities, including groups with babies and young children and their parents; publicity, administration and reception tasks; gardening and odd jobs. Volunteers come from various backgrounds and all have a shared vision: to support families with young children, and thereby to assist the valuable work of the children’s centres. 


Volunteers in the children’s centres are recruited and supported by the VANS volunteer co-ordinator, Claire Payne, who works closely with the centre staff to identify volunteering opportunities and to develop role descriptions. Claire plans and delivers induction and training sessions for the volunteers, to ensure that they have an enjoyable and rewarding time in their work, and supports them throughout their time with the children’s centre.


For more details about current volunteering opportunities in Children's Centres in North Somerset, visit the Home page and click the big green "Click here to Volunteer" button or contact Claire by email.


Community Engagement

Health and Wellbeing is the business of everyone and in North Somerset we have a wealth of individuals and voluntary groups doing vital work to support people in their communities.

VANS has the ability to bring together the public, patients, voluntary groups and service providers to communicate and achieve the best outcomes for the service user.  Our position as an infrastructure organisation gives us the opportunities to influence at a strategic level and use feedback and participation by the voluntary sector to inform our communications and shape services.

Community Engagement is at the heart of all that we do. We are currently involved in projects where we give residents the skills to empower them, give them the capacity to create, develop and support groups and activities within their own locality and help them voice the concerns and issues relevant to their communities. 

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