Forward View 

Our aim is to not duplicate but to collaborate and nurture those organisations best placed to deliver services within our communities.

Our people are our main asset and in line with this we will develop our own staff, trustees and our volunteers to achieve positive outcomes for the individuals and organisations which we represent.

Our focus for the coming year in line with our current strategic plan will be to:

  • Strengthen our infrastructure offer to the sector, providing VCSE’s with timely support and guidance to enhance capability, governance, and advocacy
  • Enable the sector to have a strong voice, ensuring that the needs of North Somerset are met
  • Further our outreach through broad communication, effective consultation, and a proactive response
  • Expand our facilitated project base and develop partnership opportunities to raise the profile of volunteers across North Somerset
  • Be the catalyst for change by engaging with funders and innovating to maximise income to the sector



The Covid-19 pandemic has and will continue to have impact on the whole sector for many months to come. As the VSCE infrastructure body for North Somerset we will continue to work directly with commissioners, funders and the VCSE sector to expand provision to meet changing demand and identify new opportunities where possible.